Good Food, Good Drink


It's not every day that I come to my blog and know exactly what I want to write about. But tonight, I do. One of the things I most appreciate about where I work is the hospitality that happens there on a daily basis. Someone is always brewing coffee or bringing in something sweet to eat. Last week, one of my co-workers brought in the best chicken salad spread you've Imageever tasted and garden crackers to eat it with. Yesterday, Craig brought us a whole box of bagels with three different cream cheeses, and today, a woman in the business office brought in current and cranberry scones with devonshire cream and emailed us right away to come take what we wanted. When we flew to Dallas in February, I noticed the increase in hospitality right away. The little jar of honey at the hotel. The helpful man who got my carry-on out of the overhead bid on the airplane for me. The special touches. It's something I've grown to value more and more over the years, and it's something I want to cultivate and cultivate in myself. I want to make warm loaves of homemade bread, hearty stews, apple pies and tortes with meringue for people. I want the guest room to have crisp, cold sheets---the covers arranged nicely, a chocolate on the pillow. A basket of wonderful things on the nightstand beside. Books arranged to read, a restful leather chair with many blankets beside it, a note with helpful instructions. A roaring fire would be made in the fireplace each night. The coffee will always be hot in the morning and ready with cream, sugar, and the like, and people will have their needs met, and feel free to sit out on the porch and look out over the garden. This would be my ideal future.

I do look forward to the capacity that owning a home can provide for this sort of thing. In the meantime, I'm happy with the small touches I can offer guests right now when they visit at the apartment. It's fun to take care of people.