As of late, when I pray, I feel like Jesus and I are yelling down a long, dim tunnel to each other. Like my prayers are bouncing off each other and the walls all the way down to the small light at the end. And then I can faintly hear replies if I strain to listen. Or as if I'm trying to listen for responses through a hundred sheets of hanging plastic. I can see something faintly on the other side, but it's all muddled. Or feel something. I've been discovering that most of the time, when I interact with God, I feel things about Him and from Him more than actually hear things. Which isn't incredibly surprising. One of my professors used to say that art and english majors are always emoting and that just by sitting in our chairs in the classroom (where we currently were), we were probably all emoting right then and there. I think I could easily say that's me about 80% of the time. Tonight is a night for a lot of that 80% actually. (Side note: My MacBook is fairly old, and the colored pinwheel of death that an Apple user gets when the program is freezing or processing or whatever else keeps coming up. Windows Users, this looks like an hour glass for you. I just want to say that during those intervals, which are often, I have sudden sweeping feelings of tiredness. Once the colored pinwheel goes away, and I can move forward and write or visit Facebook or whatever else, I don't feel tired anymore. I think this is a fascinating example of how distraction can easily deteriorate healthy sleeping habits). Anyways, emotions. There are a lot of them happening tonight.

(Side note 2: Elsie just asked me if her coughing is going to be in my blog, so I thought I'd mention it for good measure. If you think of her, she would appreciate cough drops or warm drinks as she's been sick for about a week now).

Well, I'm headed to bed. I'm determined to get a full 8 hours tonight.

All my love, Lo