Of the 5...


I noticed something interesting today that might not be so interesting to anyone else. But I think it's amazing how I can't really do a lot when my sense of touch is lessened. If I'm wearing gloves---not even mittens where my fingers are all clumped together, but plain, old, ordinary leather gloves that I can grab things with---I can't function to the same degree that I can when I'm not wearing either at all. I hadn't realized how much I rely on my sense of touch to do things. When I'm driving down the interstate and can't look anywhere but the road in front of me, but need a chapstick, it's my hand that blindly searches through my purse. I can feel lumps of things jostling around the bag with my gloves on, but I have to take them off if I am to truly feel and find the Burt's Bees without driving off the road.

As a person who's primary love language is physical touch, I'm a big proponent of what a hug, handhold, or even a simple nudge can do. (Actually, I normally feel like I have all 5 love languages as my primary love language. But I guess that's what I would choose if I only had five minutes to receive or give love of some

Imagesort. If you haven't ever taken the Love Languages test before, click here. It's well worth it). I've always heard in science classes that touch releases a stress-reducing neurotransmitter in your brain called oxytocin and that babies can't bond to their mothers or even grow up in any sort of healthy manner unless they receive lots and lots of physical touch as infants. It makes me think that touch has so many more implications than I normally think about.

So if you're sad, depressed, anxious, or any other negative feeling, go ask for a hug or sit close to someone or whatever else you can manage. It's probably one of the best cures out there.