The now, the cheese, the bonfire


I am blogging because Drew told me to blog, and sometimes it just takes the people in your life telling you to do things you love for you to actually do them. So here I am. Kirsten is sitting on the couch across from me, eating Monster Cookie ice cream out of her new mug from the pottery tour at Briscoe's and watching Baby Mama. There are boxes everywhere, a clump of lamps and containers on the entertainment center, and blankets, pillows, dishes, and bins scattered around the rest of the apartment. We just stored the Persian rug for move-in time, along with the gold velvet chair and the wooden dresser, and then we took a good fifteen minutes out of our afternoon to finish up the wasabi peas in the cupboard. We're trying to eat all the food we have, so we can avoid grocery shopping during this time and just finish it all off. Kirsten leaves in three days, and then the rest of us will be headed our separate ways within the next two weeks. Image

I don't feel nostalgic yet which either means that it hasn't really hit me that we're all leaving, or I've just learned how to handle transition very well. I'm trying to stay in the present and appreciate each moment as it comes this next month. While at the pottery tour up north yesterday, my uncle and I talked about taking chances and how it's one of the best things you can do in life--even if you fail. We were sitting in the North Folk winery, a recent dream that my aunt and uncle's friends have recently made into a reality. Bonfire smoke drifted in the windows, mixing with the wood scent of the log walls and vaulted ceiling. The building itself is in a big, open field with one side nestled into a forest. People were mulling about beneath us, chattering and tasting wine--la cresent, pear-apple, strawberry-rhubarb--and eating dubliner and cheddar cheeses. We talked about moving, pursuing dreams, and work. We ate cheese. Then we went outside and listened to the folk and blues singers, and I felt snug under the wool blanket and happy to be near people that I loved. It was good to sit in Imagethe present, while the sun was growing dusky and kids were running back and forth between the wood benches and around the fire, dancing, and we were all enjoying some of the beautiful.

In the name of staying in the present (or at least the present of this week), here is a list of the things I am looking forward to in the next seven days:

  • Small group BBQ on a forecasted 90-degree Tuesday
  • Getting together with Amy and hearing some very important things
  • Great Gatsby for the second time, this time with fancy desserts
  • Celebrating Kirsten on her last day with us on Wednesday
  • Roadtripping to northern WI to see Gwen get married

Well, that's all I have for you. Kirst and I going to run some errands now.

Peace. L