Countdowns and Flocks


I've never heard so many birds singing at once. All our windows are open. I'm eating sea salt caramel pretzel ice cream on my bed, a blanket on my lap (it comes on and off, I keep getting too cold and too hot). There must be fifty birds in the trees around our apartment, and they are all chattering at once. The crickets are starting to chirp too, which is always a comforting sound to me. I'm still getting used to this new season---it's such a jolt to jump straight from winter to summer. I love the temperatures we have now, but I didn't realize how much I appreciate that period of time when everything melts, gets slushy and rainy, and then the buds sit on the trees for a week or two, and everyone waits expectantly. I treasure that feeling of hope. Feels like we're all still trying to get our bearings now.

On another note, I have a black dress that, when I wear it, always leaves big, black dye stains on my arms. This was a shame a couple days ago when I got home and was ready to change into a tank top (we were all roasting in our apartment, trying to avoid turning on the air conditioner in order to save money, but ended up resorting to it anyway). I've washed the dress several times in the washing machine, by itself, without any other clothing, and each time the water drains out black. It's really the dress' one downfall. Other than stained shoulders and arms, I love it to pieces.

Another update: I'm traveling to the East Coast soon! To visit New York City, Connecticut, the Appalachian mountains, D.C., and see some family in Virginia. So, I have about a two-week countdown until moving day now and a one-month countdown until this trip. I'm pretty excited for both---I always seem to have great life realizations on road trips and during transitions, and I'm already looking forward to the growth (whether painful or not painful) that will happen.

Now I can hear a mourning dove outside, and the sun has almost set. Apparently there's a Flash Flood Watch for Hennepin and Ramsey County, but it sure doesn't seem like anything's flooding outside to me.

Off to watch a movie with Elsie and Max!