List Day



What a week. Thank goodness for Saturdays. It's cold and rainy out, but tonight a group of us are getting together for chili and games, which sounds like the perfect antidote. Wishing you a happy weekend from St. Regis!

I love how Google incorporates art into our everyday searches now. Check out all the past doodles here.

Big online shopper? This app pulls all your purchases from your emails and keeps track of where your shipped packages are at.

Girls who are confident and happy with their bodies.

My new favorite candy bar by Chuao Chocolatier. It's a struggle not to eat the entire thing in one sitting, but given the fact that it's over 400 calories for one bar, I try to abstain.

Are you a creative? You should make an account at Creative Mornings and attend a breakfast in your city.

A beautiful, beautiful book.

I made this last night out of wrapping paper rolls.

House smelling weird? Try this.

If you live in the Twin Cities area, one of my favorite things to get for lunch is a multigrain panini at Kowalski's Market. Just head over to the Deli Department, and they will heat up and wrap one of seven or eight different types of sandwiches for you. (Kowalski's is also where you can pick up a Chuao chocolate bar, so you might as well make one round trip.)

Not enjoying this dry winter air? Here's a $34 cap that turns any water bottle into a humidifier.

So excited for this movie that comes out March 2014.

The ultimate inventory of female packing lists for just about every country in any season for any situation.

This app makes my New Tab page on Chrome beautiful and inspirational. Also, I can see my To Do list.

My favorite coffee blend. I usually only drink Starbucks, but this stuff is great. It only comes out once a year, so be sure to stock up!

Photo by swim for brighter days despite the absence of the sun