The Deep Freeze


Good snowy evening. After peeling my hands off the steering wheel this afternoon and taking some Tylenol to ease the ache in the back of my eyes that came from staring at the icy freeway for forty minutes straight, I can confidently tell you that we were snowed in the rest of the night, and I did not have the slightest desire to go back outside. I hear the wind chill is supposed to be -20 degrees tomorrow. -20! Will our faces crack off if we walk outside? 2b89dd5ac680fe8927e8d3f40608829e

On another note, Celly and I started trading poems again tonight for the first time in months. It feels really good. Now that it gets dark earlier and the roads are bad, there seems to be more time to read and write, but if I'm honest right now, this post is mostly just something to keep me awake until ten so I don't go to bed too early. (How full-time job, pre-Monday is that?) In case you're wondering, I also have a fairly deep paper cut on my left ring finger from pushing the trash further into the trash yesterday. We can take this as an omen that the garbage simply needed to be taken out long ago and dumped where it belongs.

It's getting down to the wire with Christmas shopping now, but I think I have things mostly lined up. Presents are something I really enjoy doing for friends and family. I like hunting down gifts that fit a person like a glove--something I think my mother handed down to me. I haven't felt like this until the last few years, and I don't claim to be an expert, but I'm feeling confident that I've got some excellent finds up my sleeve.

By the way, if you're scared of the frigid temperatures tomorrow, just remember, we're all in this with you. I'll have four layers, a hefty scarf, and my large, clomping boots on as I glide on in to work in the AM. I'm getting good at the turn-then-slide rounding corners on these city streets. The roads here are literally several slabs thick with ice and then covered with a sheen of snow---which is made apparent by the car crashes on the Lexington bridge each week since it's turned winter. 

Anyways, take heart, at least there's Starbucks and space heaters. I know that's what I'm looking forward to tomorrow.


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