I Have A Question For You

bb9820951d7acdac04c3661b2ca590e4I am a lover of spring. I don't mind the waiting. I don't mind the slush and the mud in the road or the grey skies or the sidewalks caked with last fall's decaying, paper-thin leaves. The rot turned compost. It smells like new life to me. Now we can all sweep off our porches, buy wildflower seeds, and visit the farmer's market for rhubarb or herbs or honey. We're all softer in the month of March--more open and considerate. Right now, the week's meal is simmering in the crock pot on the other side of the wall, and while I wait, I'm considering picking up this book, which has been reviewed all over as the next Gone Girl. I'm about halfway through, and I like it so far. Such a unique plot with really pretty character development. Some things about this month of March that I wanted to tell you. 1. I'm engaged! This actually happened in January, but somehow I feel even more engaged now than I was before. We're in the thick of everything from premarital class (which is AWESOME) to meetings about pies to looking for a place to live. It's really exciting and all so different than I thought it would be. September 5th can't come soon enough because then I get to stand next to my best friend every morning while we brush our teeth together.

2. Dear all women who feel skittish about dating/engagement, come talk to me because IT IS THE BEST THING, and I want to encourage you.

3. This website has been a lifesaver. Bookmark it in your browser bar, and click it every morning.

4. I'm also reading this book, want to read this book and this book, and am almost done with this book.

A question that I have for you. Comment back? 1. What are your favorite blogs to follow?

It rained a bit today. The leaves are coming!

Photo cred: Ana Rosa