Superb Midsummer Day



It's one of those mornings that are far and few between. No outer coercion to get me out of bed before necessary. Quiet light filtering through the pale curtain hanging from my window. A cup of coffee at my side, and the knowledge that I get to be with people I love later on.

On the way home from a jaunt to Surly Brewing Co. the other night, some friends and I were discussing what our perfect days would look like. Mine would start just like this day is starting: leisurely and uninterrupted. I'd have some time to read or write in the morning as I sip my drink. Then I would go to brunch with my fiancé or a friend--preferably a place I've never been before--and we would order their most interesting menu items. This has become a bit of a hobby for Drew and I, and we love compiling lists of restaurants that people tell us about. May I recommend the meat waffle during the weekend brunch at Hazel's Northeast, just about anything from the brunch menu at Tilia, or the Creme Brulee French Toast from the Wilde Roast Cafe. Next on our list to try for brunch is this restaurant and this restaurant.

After a splendid meal, we would have a little time to scout out the area and explore the stores near the restaurant. We might roam into a coffee shop and get a drink to go as we continue on. The weather would be, approximately, between 75 and 80 degrees, and there would be the slightest of breezes. We'd find a street festival we didn't know was happening or a secret shop we had never heard of before--something with a curvy winding staircase above another shop, with loads of old books and maps and a cat that sunbathes by a window.


We wouldn't wander for too long, of course. Just the proper amount because traipsing through kiosks and shops full of knick knacks can get old after about thirty minutes. The most excellent of days leaves no room for feelings like these. Next, we'd get geared up to go do something outdoors: hiking by the Mississippi River Gorge or at Afton State Park, or we'd bike to the beach by Lake Calhoun. We'd pack a picnic lunch of sandwiches and delicious snacks and meet some friends at our destination.

In the late afternoon, we'd go home and have some down time. Naps or books or the porch or a hammock. People would be around, but I would be by myself amongst them. Drew would be woodworking in the garage with someone, or I could hear people in the kitchen while I let myself be introverted and read a book. After an hour or so, a few more friends would start arriving to join us for a meal. We'd cook over the grill or have a bonfire in the backyard as the sky turned purple and then slowly began to fade. The night would end with our spreading out loads of blankets and pillows in the backyard and projecting a film on the side of the house.

Doesn't that sound beautiful? I have different versions of this day--a camping version and a winter version. The winter version includes time to cook a nice meal and also have a bit of time with my family. There's so much goodness in the to fit it all in one day?

What's your most glorious day look like? Leave a comment below!

Photo credit: Media Cache