Weekend Bits

9b0d866bbd3def34761dc73f47ce2228 Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? I'm getting brunch with some friends on Saturday, and then Drew and I are headed out of the Cities to pick up a mid-century modern dresser we snagged off of Craigslist. We're quite excited about it (me because I think it's beautiful, and Drew because he'll finally have space for his folded clothes). Sunday is a dear friend's birthday celebration and a wedding in southern MN! It's a packed weekend, but we're excited for quality time with loved ones.

Here are some bits and pieces from around the internet for your perusing pleasure.

1. The best lip tint I've found yet. A bit of color, plus it moisturizes at the same time. I prefer the shade Zinnia.

2. Grain-free, sugar-free spiced pumpkin muffins from Against All Grain! I added Lily's dairy-free, sugar-free chocolate chips to sweeten things up.

3. Do you often find yourself saying "sorry" for unnecessary things? Let's stop. (via)

4. Can't wait to see this movie! Especially since Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rare 99%.

5. Do you like hosting dinner parties? Here are some stellar tips and tricks.

6. Been giving Digit a try. They text me clever things, which makes saving more fun.

7.  This candle in English Pine.

8. Why was it so warm this year? El Niño.

9. This sweet book for middle schoolers is up for a Goodreads award. Sort of heart wrenching but a good study for young ones on dealing with grief and bullying.

10. More books! This book was dreamy and abstract. Gets a little trippy toward the end, watch out. Also this book is incredible. This one too.

11. Just got a notification that ThredUp received my bag of clothes! Waiting to find out how much $$$ I made.

12. Lady Gaga on saying NO. Inspiring and encouraging. (via)



Photo via Melody Hansen