(Thanksgiving) Weekend Favorites

coffee Happy Thanksgiving! We're headed down to Iowa to spend the long weekend with the Elrick clan. I'm excited for some cozy holiday time with everyone and lots of rest and relaxation. And some potential early-morning shopping with my mother- and seesters-in-law too!

Have fun with these links, and enjoy the glorious feast this weekend!

1. Are you traveling this season? Why your body feels strange on a plane. (via)

2. Potentially the healthiest pumpkin dessert around. Hoping to try this one in the next few days.

3. Is your life in transition in any way right now right now? Mine is (ahem, marriage). I liked this article on adjusting.

4. Practical ways you can help refugees here in Minnesota, including mentoring.

5. The ultimate guide to packing your toiletries. (via)

6. Are you watching Jessica Jones? Drew and I watched the first episode the other night, and I'm hooked.

7. This interactive map helped me understand which European countries are taking in refugees and which countries they're coming from.

8. This pizza place is hands down my new favorite in the Twin Cities. Make sure to get the melt-in-your-mouth cookies and ice cream for dessert!

9. Hey! It's okay to have big feelings.

10. Cute socks.


Photo via coffee shop | Tumblr